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I’m Les, the heart and soul behind US Parks, and my mission is fueled by a lifelong fascination with America’s majestic national parks. Yellowstone with its geysers, Yosemite’s towering cliffs, and the ancient forests of the Redwoods have carved a deep appreciation for nature in my heart.

After spending 27 years living overseas, the essence of these national treasures has grown ever more precious to me. I’ve dreamt of the rolling landscapes and untamed wilderness that characterize the United States, and now, as I make my return, I’m eager to reconnect with those natural havens.

You can expect US Parks to be more than just a brand; it’s a personal story intertwined with the spirit of adventure and discovery. Here, you’ll find camping and hiking gear meticulously curated for national park enthusiasts, by someone who truly understands the allure and demands of these epic landscapes.

My goal? To equip you with not only the gear but also the insights and spirit needed to fully immerse you in the wonders of our national parks. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just starting your journey into the wild, I’m here to help you prepare for the experiences that await.

Embark on the Trail with Me

Now, as I make my way back to the states, there’s an unmistakable excitement building up inside me. The anticipation of reacquainting myself with the USA’s majestic natural scenery is almost too much to bear. I cannot wait to step into the vast wilderness of each national park that I’ve yet to explore.

Trekking through these parks isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s a journey of rediscovery and connection—not only to nature but also to the roots of my homeland after nearly three decades overseas. I’m not just traveling; I’m reconnecting with the land that I’ve been away from for so long.

And I’m not going on this adventure alone. You’re invited to join me virtually as I traverse the changing landscapes, from towering forests to sprawling deserts. Through my experiences, you’ll find out about the best camping and hiking gear that’s been tried and tested in the environments they’re made for. From comfortable backpacks and sturdy tents to the right boots that can handle the rocky paths of the Grand Canyon or the muddy trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, I’ll cover it all.

Expect authentic, firsthand advice on how to prepare for your national park adventures. You’re going to learn how to pack smart, hike safely, and most importantly, enjoy the breathtaking views that await. Whether it’s the crystal-clear lakes of Glacier National Park or the epic vistas of Grand Teton, I’ll be your guide to making the most of these iconic destinations.

Get ready for stories that invigorate the wanderlust within you and practical tips that will make your future park visits unforgettable. Stay tuned for in-depth guides, comprehensive gear reviews, and personal anecdotes that can only come from real passion and a deep appreciation for the national parks. I’ve been loving the anticipation of the journey ahead—it’s great, and I’m thrilled to share every step with you.

Your Trail Companion

I really hope that you’re as excited as I am about rediscovering the beauty and majesty that lies within the US National Parks. Sharing this adventure with you isn’t just about showcasing the best trails or the perfect camping spot; it’s about building a community of national park enthusiasts who appreciate the wonder of the outdoors as much as I do.

As we gear up for this incredible experience together, remember that your feedback and stories are what fuel this journey. Tell me about your favorite parks, the gear that’s never let you down, or the trails you dream of conquering. At US Parks, every member’s voice adds to the richness of our collective adventure.

My bags are packed, and I can’t wait to step into the vibrant tapestry of the US National Parks once again. So whether you’re an experienced hiker, a weekend camper, or someone who’s just starting out, US Parks is your go-to source for all things related to camping and hiking in these majestic locations. Let’s explore, learn, and protect these treasures together.

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4 responses to “About Me”

  1. Oluseyi Avatar

    Hi Les. Reading your post, it feels like you just finished a 27 – year adventure overseas and you are about to start a new one with your life-long fascination with US Parks as your focus of attention. Your excitement is palpable and your enthusiasm is infectious.

    It is heartwarming to see that you have invited us to join you on this new quest and I look to reading more as your adventure takes off fully. I also wish you the very best on this new endeavor. 

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Oluseyi! Thanks for the good wishes! One of the great things about the outdoors is while we are out enjoying nature we will be getting fresh air and exercise without even thinking about it. What a great combination!

  2. Scott Avatar

    HI Les!

    Your passion for America’s national parks shines through every word here.  It’s evident that your connection to these majestic landscapes runs deep, shaped by years of exploration and a genuine appreciation for nature’s wonders.

    My wife and I do enjoy going to state parks when we travel. Our favorite is Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We lvoe the views of the mountains. We like to picnic by the streams and listen to the water. 

    Many years ago, I backpacked as a youth leader with a group of boys in the Mark Twain National Forest. That was quite an adventure on that 17 mile hike that none of us ever forget! 

    It’s great to meet you and I hope to see more of you as you write about your passion. 


    1. Les Waller Avatar
      Les Waller

      Nice to meet you, too! Sometime I would love to hear more about your adventure in the Mark Twain National Forest.


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